S. G McAfee


Loss, forever changes you, forever. A piece of you, missing. It’s a given. You struggle not to accept nor reject but just to acknowledge, to wrap your mind around the permanent void; to make sense of the senseless, learning to breathe in pain to see through the tears.
Losing two of her three children, S. G. McAfee knows the pain; the breaking heart, the emptiness of aching arms. Healing is on going. The scars are real, deep, permanent. As you seek shelter from an unfamiliar stormy sea of life may you find solace in Windswept.
Ms McAfee has been writing the rhyming word since age eleven, apparent in “My Puppy” which gives insight to the innocence of a young mind while “Turkey Strut”, written three years later, playfully reflects her interpretation of a not-sodumb bird at Thanksgiving.
Love abounds throughout this book of verse as in the poems Teas, Glisten, Meyou. The joys of Christmas can be found in just that Joy while A Silent Prayer conveys to the reader the power of bended knee. Mourning Glory, written five days after September 11th, 2001 tells of the attack on this great nation, under God.
Windswept cross sections emotions, thus pulling heart strings, producing smiles, evoking tears. Sailing along life’s tumultuous journey may Windswept bring you calm seas and gentle winds. Know you are not alone.
33 printed pages
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