The Wine of the Heart, Victor Jay
Victor Jay

The Wine of the Heart

Junior college teacher Glen Sanford is having problems with his wife, Ann…sexual problems. Basically, he can't perform on demand, and Ann has lost her patience; she wants a divorce. Then Glen meets a troubled student, Jerry Allen, who's been tested as having an exceptional IQ, but whose grades have failed to match his intelligence. Glen discovers that Jerry's being pimped out by his own mother, who's making money from forcing the boy to liaison with older men. The basic conflict in the student's life is destroying his psyche. Glen offers him compassion and learning…and eventually love, but the campus gossip-monger spots Jerry coming and going from Glen's house. The teacher is forced to choose: either give up his new-found love, or resign his academic post. Another poignant gay romance by a master writer.
119 printed pages
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