Paul Costoff

Welcome To Your Life

Welcome to your life. It's probably not what you expected it to be.

About to turn thirty years old, Guy Bradford finds himself trapped in his dead-end job at the Gas and Go on the outskirts of Richmond, Illinois. Stuck caring for his perpetually ungrateful father in the tiny hometown he's never been able to escape, he wonders when he'll finally be able to begin living his own life.

Sophie Ross spent her twenties living in other people's homes, caring for their aging parents. The work brought her to Richmond and dozens of other small towns like it. Although she's ready for something new, this is the only way she's found that ensures her little sister gets the opportunities she herself never had.

After a brief meeting at The Duke on her last night in town, Sophie and Guy decide they might be kindred spirits… and maybe even more. But once she leaves, their struggle to find out is complicated by her transience and his father's health. In order to finally meet again, Sophie will have to weather a devastating betrayal and Guy will need to avoid falling prey to the scheming of an alluring former classmate. If they don't succeed, they'll both be sentenced to a lifetime of wondering what might have been.

This is a story about the sacrifices we make for family and the small towns and their little bars where people struggle to find meaning in lives they didn't plan on living.
430 printed pages
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