Ben F Lee

Whither Thou Goest

Whither Thou Goest captures the reader within its pages of history, danger, conspiracy, pilgrimage, theology, scenery, dialogue, and inspiration.
— Dr. Christopher Moody, Assistant Professor of Systemic Theology, Instructional Mentor, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Whither Thou Goest, Book 2 of the Arimathea Series, is an exciting Biblical and historically accurate fiction which continues the birth and creation of Christianity and its spread beyond Judea. Travelers in England and those studying historical geography will recognize Glastonbury Tor (cover art) rising above Avalon's forests as it has for thousands of years. The Tor holds keys to the past, the present, and the future….
Jews of Israel begin their persecutions of Christ-followers in Judea. A vastly wealthy Pharisee, Joseph of Arimathea, turns from his homeland and his commercial empire to answer Christ's call to evangelism and takes the Messiah's cup, the Holy Grail, to the northern isle of Britannia. He abandons a life of privilege and wealth to establish the first Christ-follower church in Britannia on Glastonbury Tor, spreading the good news of the resurrected Jesus and salvation. Followed by the once crippled Ruben, who was healed by the blood of Jesus on the road to Calvary, they encounter suspicion and resistance from the Briton Tribes. Discovering new allies in an Arch Druid and Celtic prophetess, they must fight for their very lives against hostile tribesmen who oppose them. Their fate hangs in the balance. Added to these dangers, could a Forest Demon with shining swords, who haunts the Ancient Wood surrounding Avalon, become their worst enemy?
239 printed pages
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