Leave No Child Behind, Overbeck Randy
Overbeck Randy

Leave No Child Behind

The first terrorist to be executed in the US. An Al Quaida cell smuggled in to free "e;their brother."e; The Homeland Security Czar. A resourceful high school teacher and her unlikely friend. In the small rust-belt town of Hammerville, Ohio, all these collide in an unsettling, yet frighteningly believable story of danger, human tragedy and redemption. Dee Dee Sterber just wanted to teach, to make a difference in the lives of her students. And maybe to meet the right guy. With missionary zeal, she returns to teach in her home town of Hammerville determined to open her students' minds to the ideas of the world's greatest writers. Instead she finds out she has to act to save them from one of the world's greatest threats or they will have no future On a quiet day in late October, just hours before the scheduled execution of Asad Akadi in the nearby maximum security prison, a small terrorist cell carries out a carefully coordinated a daring attempt to free Akadi. Once inside the school, they disable the phone lines and shoot out the lights and then, to demonstrate their ultimate commitment, they execute a few teachers.
416 printed pages


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