Max Watson

The Drunken Promise

The Drunken Promise is a steamy romance novella that explores coming-of-age love, heartbreak, overcoming tragedy, and rebuilding what was once lost.

Blue and I, we've been through everything together. She's been my best friend ever since I can remember, all the way through now, our senior year of high school. And she still has no idea that I'm in love with her. When she asks to have her first time with me, only because she trusts me so much, I'm not sure I can go through with it. That must be why she got me drunk before making me promise I would. But it turns out to be the best decision-drunk or not-that I've ever made. Now that we've had our first time, Blue wants to be friends with benefits. One step closer to a real relationship.

But then my worst nightmare comes true. She stops speaking to me. Just like that, she wants nothing to do with me. Does she know the truth of my love for her but she doesn't feel the same? If only things could go back to how they used to be…if only I had never made that promise.

Years pass and everything is a blur after the accident. Will I ever be able to tell fantasy from reality? Nothing makes sense anymore. All I have ever wanted, all I continue to yearn for, is Blue. Now, she's out of reach more than ever before.

Fall in love with Black and Blue in The Drunken Promise, a steamy romance with a lot of twists and a happy ending.


130 printed pages
Original publication



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