Drumming for Beginners: What You Need to Know When Learning How to Play the Drums, Michael Cimicata
Michael Cimicata

Drumming for Beginners: What You Need to Know When Learning How to Play the Drums

16 printed pages
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The drums are definitely one of the hardest instruments that someone can learn how to play. With that being said, some sound advice would really go a long way.

I have been a drummer for over 10 years, and did not have anyone giving me advice along the way. Not only did this hinder my ability to learn how to play the drums to my fullest potential, but it definitely caused me to take much longer to learn some of the most basic drum beats.

I developed this ebook to ensure that no other beginner drummers go through the same struggles that I have gone through! It is intended to help anyone that is learning how to play the drums.

Throughout this ebook, you will find sections on:
-Learning How To Play The Most Basic Drum Beat
-Playing The Easiest Drum Fill
-How To Replace A Broken Drum Head
-Choosing A Drum Kit Arrangement That Is Right For You
-Repairing And Preventing Cracked Drum Sticks

It is basically an all-in-one guide for any of the beginner drummers out there!
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