I.D. Davis,S.P. Lerner

Fast Facts: Bladder Cancer

Our understanding of the biology of bladder cancer has advanced remarkably since the second edition of 'Fast Facts: Bladder Cancer' was published in 2006. Five new immunotherapies targeting the PD-1 axis were approved in 2016 and 2017 for the treatment of advanced bladder cancer, reflecting this transformative explosion in knowledge about the biology of the disease. This new era of targeted treatment offers hope to patients, particularly those with advanced disease. However, for clinicians it means a lot to understand in terms of how these immunotherapies are integrated into the treatment paradigm. Who they are suitable for? When are they best used? What is the optimal sequence of treatments for individual patients? This third edition of 'Fast Facts: Bladder Cancer' has been updated extensively throughout by two new authors, bringing a fresh perspective. Key updates include: • the latest understanding of pathology and biology • current standards for investigation, imaging and diagnosis • the critical role that awareness of the significance of hematuria among patients and primary care health professionals can make to earlier detection at curable stages of the disease • the roles of drugs, surgery and radiation therapy in treatment at different stages of bladder cancer, and when and how best to intervene, aided by understanding of the risk factors for disease relapse and progression • a new chapter about immunotherapy for bladder cancer • future trends in a rapidly evolving field. 'Fast Facts: Bladder Cancer' is a concise guide that will be of value to clinicians and health professionals involved in the detection and treatment of bladder cancer. This highly readable resource provides a comprehensive and current view of this complex disease, enabling informed discussions with patients. Contents: • Epidemiology and etiology • Pathology and biology • Clinical presentation • Investigations • Management of non-muscle-invasive disease • Management of muscle-invasive disease • Management of advanced and metastatic disease • Immunotherapy • Future trends • Useful resources
125 printed pages
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