Yasser Negm

Restore your Dreamland

This book is fiction and non-fiction, mysteries and Science, myths and facts.
It asks questions like, why did Michael Jackson's eyes stop dancing 60 days before his demise?
It asks you to imagine yourself as Crescendo, the caveman living in a 21st-century luxurious hotel or as part of a jury sentencing a criminal whose lawyer has been drowsy all throughout the trial.
In a journey through 17 stories, some fiction while others are real, this book explores the mysteries, wonders and science of sleep.
We'll go back to the 17th century to live the story of Titus and Arabella and we'll roam the streets of Victorian London with Charles Dickens.
We'll find out some amazing answers to some intriguing questions. Such as: What is the dilemma with generation X ladies? How many youths and children die due to poverty of time?
Is Thomas Edison a superman or a hypocritic sleeper? Is it a good idea to start the school day late?
You'll be intrigued to read the confessions of night shift doctors, the tale of a 2020 sleeping beauty, and the stories of the slumber murderer and the slumber artist.
How have big dreams changed our world? Can dreams empower your productivity and creativity?
Finally, in the last story, you'll take a cruise down the river Glymph.
As you may have already realized, all 17 stories center on one theme: sleep.
As the first in the “RESTORE” series, the end of the book outlines a 10-dimension plan to invest in the one third of your lifetime the sleep comprises to boost the other two thirds, for excellent results.
212 printed pages
Original publication
Yasser Negm



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