Candy Moore

Shaun and Tatiana 2

Shaun and Tatiana are now faced with a new a challenge in their lives, which Shaun promises he’ll face it right along with Tatiana.

After finding out exactly who is behind stealing from him, Shaun is on a mission to make everyone who double-crossed him pay… with their lives.

Alexis is trying to move forward with her life by finally deciding to give Sergio a chance; however, one person is hellbent on making sure that doesn’t happen—Quinlan.

In the finale of Shaun and Tatiana, friends turn out to be enemies, old flames are rekindled, and as usual, bodies are dropping. Will Shaun be able to get his revenge on those who were secretly plotting his demise? Will Tatiana get her happily ever after with the man she loves? And what’s going to happen with Alexis and Quinlan? Will she give him another chance? Or will she give Sergio a try?

Find out once again whose Hood Love stays standing!
135 printed pages
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