J. Lamarr Cox

Cleopatra, Queen of Denial

Yes, I know. If one wishes to sell his book, he must tell potential readers that it will give them pleasure, tell them how to fix whatever needs fixing, or reinforce their religious or political beliefs. But I am an old man who is not seeking fame or fortune but is contented with the discontent in his life. There are some hard realities that most of us do not wish to face. These include the fact that you well may suffer pain, sorrow, agony, confusion, frustration, anger, loneliness, grief, and a sense of defeat and hopelessness. And then, you will die. So, of course, you sometimes question what life is all about and whether or not there is some inherent meaning to it. With all the downsides of life, there is a greater reality. ‘This book offers evidence that the world we live in really does make sense, really is growing in a positive direction, that these truths really are within a human’s grasp, and that being aware and fathoming reality is the key to a meaningful, joyous life. Looking objectively at our fearful emotions and fusing them with the positive emotions of peace, joy, good humor, pleasure, and, will, if allowed, lead to a balanced and wonderful life.
414 printed pages
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