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The Moonlight Swing

Wolfsbane is a quiet little town, where people usually stick to routines. This makes it easier for the witches to mingle with the ordinary humans. The witches in Wolfsbane are good witches. Rarely do they encounter bad witches because they ward bad elements from their town every year. The young witches are becoming bored and one of them is Inica. Inica is a powerful young witch, who can open portals and choose dimensions. She discovers what she can do and creates a way for her and her friends to escape the boring town whenever they want. The means Inica creates is called the Moonlight Swing. The swing is activated every full moon. They have to swing as high as they can, so that they can enter the portal that Inica opens. Inica usually concentrates on dimensions that have lots of chocolates and candies, friendly animals, and safe forests for them to play in. One full moon, Inica happens to be sick. She concentrates hard, but her fever prevents her from focusing on the dimension. As a result, she and her friends end up in the monster dimension. How will Inica and her friends go back to their own dimension? What should Inica do to break her fever and get well? Who can possibly help them in a monster dimension?
34 printed pages
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