When I Sense Emotions, Devon Phipps
Devon Phipps

When I Sense Emotions

When I Sense Emotions is a collection of emotional and raw poetry by author Devon Phipps. His chilling poetry will pique emotions as it makes us question who we are and why our emotions are stimulated so profoundly. Emotions we keep hidden will surely awaken and we will feel as one. Written completely in free verse poetry with some other literary elements, this collection will capture the soul and awaken dormant emotions, while speaking directly to the ups and downs of everyday life.
This book of verse captures the true essence of the emotions encountered when things change or don’t go as planned.


Seeing you again is my only battle.
Although you are far away,
The memories of our past keep me motivated.
Don’t you remember?
We were always happy,
A day never wasted on meaningless obstacles
That stood in our way.
Even though the clock slays the hours we were together,
It cannot slay
The deep feelings I have for you.
Just remember
That we will meet again.
41 printed pages
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