Always a Rolling Stone,

Always a Rolling Stone

Always a Rolling Stone is a true story written with all the earthy excitement and suspense of work of fiction. Encompassing an extraordinary life of bittersweet memories, heartache, hardship and triumph the story provides incites into an austere, violent childhood spent in the working class suburbs of Sydney during the 1950’s. It takes the reader on a tortuous life journey encompassing a unique period in outback Australia and an exciting career in the New Zealand Police during the turbulent years of the 1960’s and 70’s as the police transitioned from a rough, bullying macho group of eclectic individuals to a proud professional service.
The story provides an amazing incite into a life dedicated to public service in the police search and rescue, diving, armed offenders and team policing squads and later in the Australian Protective Service counter terrorist first response unit. The reader will gain incite into the terrible personal toll resulting from the stresses faced by police officers everywhere.
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