10/10, Gordon Mott
Gordon Mott


Where were you on 9/11?
Where were you when those two hijacked planes slammed into the Twin Towers, those majestic symbols of American wealth and power, and sent them crashing to the ground?
From the depths of that wound to our national psyche, author Gordon Mott brings us Caleb Drake, a good man living a seemingly safe and satisfied life in the suburbs north of New York City. But one morning, as he awaits his commuter train into Manhattan, Caleb spots two private jets flying low over the Hudson River, and the sight sends a shiver up his spine.
Moments later, Caleb takes his usual place on the train, and all seems right with the world — until the train makes a sudden and unexpected stop. Then cell phone service for everyone goes dead, and Caleb’s agonized memories of 9/11 and what he had endured in Vietnam surge up and grab him by the throat.
What follows is a first-class psychological thriller, recalling 9/11 and showing us how this new attack radically upended the lives of Caleb Drake and many of the other people trapped on that commuter train into Manhattan.
Where were you on 9/11? And these pages will have you asking: where were you on 10/10, that fateful October morning when a simple commute into Manhattan becomes a nightmare, shattering lives and washing away our bedrock belief that, even in the darkest times, the good in us will always triumph over evil.
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