Eddie Blundell

Top-Drawer Villain

…like a punch in the mouth…like a kick in the ribs…sometimes, there’s no quarter given

If you really want to succeed in business, if you really want to surpass your rivals, you need the energy, intelligence, organisational skills to do so…

Eddie Blundell had all of these – along with that extra magic ingredient…MUSCLE!

It was muscle that served him well during his stretches inside and it was muscle that helped him build his London-based ice-cream empire, battling for control of the top tourist sites, facing up to some of the most dangerous men in town, (in)famously and furiously fighting off an invading army of Hells Angels at a rock festival, enduring a Wild West-style shoot-out on the streets of Ilford – and more … much more than this he did it his way.

This is a touch story about some very tough guys…you’re going to meet Bill Bailey, ‘Stretch’, the Dixon brothers, serial murderer John Childs, Bill Parsons, brother Billy Blundell, the Kray Twins and of course, the six-foot-two no nonsense Eddie Blundell himself.
387 printed pages
Original publication


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