Puzzling Digits, Anya Linley
Anya Linley

Puzzling Digits

When planning for our wedding, Ed and I wanted to do something a little different. What could we add to our wedding that hadn’t been done before a million times over? Then it struck us. We’ll force our guests to earn their wedding favours by solving a series of puzzles!

At our reception, we gave each table a locked wooden box and a series of puzzle cards. The guests at each table had to work together to solve the puzzles which would, in turn, open the combination padlocks on the box and allow access to the favours. This ingenious idea acted as a table conversation piece, an ice-breaker, evening entertainment and a place to hold the wedding favours. What more could anyone ask for?

This book is a collection of all 64 puzzle cards from our wedding. Each puzzle is entirely original, having been thought up by us in the long months before the big day and the answer to each is a single digit number.
78 printed pages
Original publication



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