Pieces of You, XuanSon Nguyen
XuanSon Nguyen

Pieces of You

Ten years after the tragedy that struck her family and hometown, Verity Dawson still seeks to make amends, convinced the deaths were her fault. She had believed that with time and her good deeds, Willow Creek would come to forgive her. At home for the summer, Verity accepts to help renovate the old Kinsley House ; however, when she inadvertently discovers the dark secret of the heir to the house, she finds herself trapped into the Kinsley family’s gruesome and tragic history. Damien Kinsley is sent to Willow Creek on a mission to retrieve the only salvation for the Alcaeus Clan under the pretense of restoring his great-grandparents’ house. After Verity uncovers what he really is, he has no choice but to keep an eye on her to insure that she keeps her word. He never expects that in the process, her own secret might be the key to his past. Before Verity can attempt to save Damien from his own nature, she will first need to thaw out his frozen heart.
683 printed pages
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