Marek Laskiewicz

Smolensk Air Crash 10–4–10

Forty public, relevant, undisputed facts from the official Russian MAK Report show that the Smolensk Air Crash on the 10th April 2010 was not caused by pilot error under Presidential pressure in trying to land in thick fog. Instead the plane was on course at 100m heading on the runway axis when 2 bombs took of its left wingtip, whereupon it slewed to the left and banked slightly to emergency touch down at the furrows, but then a thermo-baric bomb exploded murdering all on board. So the plane never cut a birch and never turned upside-down 366m (a 75 tonne plane in 6 seconds!); the plane and all on board could not have ended up in a myriad pieces (with a vanished cockpit, but pilot bodies present!) as the it was at low altitude, travelling at low speed and underwent a sliding impact on soft mud — and its left wingtip cannot have ended up on the right of the birch!

The Smolensk Air Crash decapitated Free Poland. The leading Polish patriots, notably the then Polish President Lech Kaczynski, who had tried to stand up to Russia, were cold-bloodedly group murdered by her. She has successfully avoided being blamed for this; it was a great triumph for her, one of the most important and successful covert operations of all time. This enabled her to expand which may ultimately lead to a military confrontation with the West, maybe eventually a thermonuclear one which would be World War 3, and this may result in world termination.

Therefore this book gives the lie to the MAK Report analysis that the Smolensk Air Crash was caused by pilot error occasioned by pressure from the Polish President — who according to this book's analysis was not only murdered by Russia but then also accused by her of causing the crash! This book also shows up Russia, and specifically the now President Putin.

Moreover this book is the first ever complete coherent alternative hypo-thesis to the MAK Report, as the Polish State reports like the draft MAK report support the MAK Report in the main, albeit differing as to some minor details, whilst the other work by Free Poles is scattered and incomplete. As such the MAK Report has for the first time a real challenge.

Furthermore the book has had to develop new concepts, making it doubly important as these apply far beyond the Smolensk Air Crash. These will of course be elaborated upon elsewhere in other books for academics.

Finally if the world apart from Free Poles reads this book, Putin Russia's greatest triumph will turn into her greatest disaster. Consequently her expansion will then hopefully be curtailed, whereupon there will be no future crisis, so maybe World War 3 will be avoided.
233 printed pages
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