Diana Daffner

Tantric Sex for Busy Couples

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A unique program of S.E.X. – Synchronized Energy eXchange – exercises that combine Tantra sexuality from India with Tai Chi movements from China. Thousands have used these simple exercises to build a connection with their mate that recalls – or surpasses – first love.Tantric Sex for Busy Couples provides readers with a dynamically new and pracitcal approach to creating intimacy on all levels – sexual, emotional and spiritual. Blending the ancient teachings of Tantra from India, and the peaceful exercise program of T’ai Chi from China, couples discover how to create magic in their relationship. Woven throughout the easy instructions are the personal experiences of the author and her husband. Although the emphasis is on intimacy rather than orgasm, the sexual practices are designed to provide plenty of both.The basic exercises presented in the book include “Solo Stillness,” “Connected Pose” and the “Tantra TaiChi Trilogy.” Solo Stillness highlights the idea that when we each embrace our inner self, we are more able to be truly present in a relationship. Connected Pose invites the couple to simply be with each other, face-to-face, heart-to-heart, eyes open. This establishes the foundation for intimate connection.The Tantra TaiChi Trilogy focuses on three primary centers in the body – both metaphorically and physically—the Sex Center (below the waist), the Heart Center (above the waist) and the more elusive “Bindi” or spiritual center represented by the third eye and upper “chakras.” Each of these centers interacts with and influences the others. Sexual energy is moved throughout the body, rather than being concentrated in the genitals.The foundational exercises of Tantra TaiChi are preparation for the sexual practices described in the book. These include yin and yang ceremonies of sexual massage for the woman and the man, as well as “Peaceful Passion” —a sexual union that requires neither a high sex drive nor a Viagra-inspired erection.Throughout all of the practices, readers are encouraged to maintain a sacred, respectful, loving and ceremonial attitude toward their partners. This attitude alone can transform a relationship into a love affair.
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