Robert Erickson

Fluke Family Hero

Second in the Fluke Family series, Fluke Family Hero explores Maynerd Fluke Dumsted’s career as the sheriff of his hometown. King Kryan Kruke now rules the Kingdom of Gnat, but he is still up to his old tricks. He schemes to rule the four lands of Gnaught by capitalizing on Maynerd’s relationship to the long dead hero, Richard the Brave.
The King hopes to springboard that fame to his advantage by transforming Maynerd  into  the  new  national  hero.The  chance  arrivals  of  bad  luck  Fata  Morgana  and  a  young  felon  named  Blacky  further  complicates  Maynerd’s  efforts to keep the peace, but Fata may hold the keys to his heart. Dumsted town falls into turmoil when the local banker plots to fix the elections for Mayor  and  Sheriff  by  kidnapping  the  incumbents.  He  intends  to  sell  them to  the  notorious  bandits,  the  Moola  Rude,  but  the  plan  goes  awry.  With  Maynerd’s only supporters locked in jail, his fate seems sealed.
372 printed pages
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