The Curse of Bound Blood, Alannah Carbonneau
Alannah Carbonneau

The Curse of Bound Blood

An epic tale of fate's greatest gift to reincarnation features a love that has burned through the centuries, but death will have one last chance.Lexie Hart’s predictably safe world shatters when Christian, the world’s first vampire, re-enters her life. Images of past lives ignite questions that only Christian can answer. The only problem is that he is unexplainably and stubbornly reluctant to provide Lexie with the answers she seeks. When Christian’s insistence that Lexie is in danger proves to be true, she entrusts Christian with her life, until a curse shatters their illusion of safety, throwing them into a catastrophe that even a love as strong as theirs, which has burned without fail for centuries, is tested. The Curse of Bound Blood is the greatest love story told, over and over again in a dangerous time. In the end, will love's ultimate sacrifice prevail?
439 printed pages


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