Shanae Govan

Awakened By Destiny

Healed, set free, and made whole. I am now positioned and focused by navigating through the many failed attempts at life. Embracing this journey has built an appetite for not only change, but also for greatness accompanied with the desperate desire to see myself beyond the setbacks and offenses caused by the hands of others. Life itself can be one of the most aggravating components that we possess the ability to overcome through the way we see ourselves by accepting the invitation of adversity! At this point, there has been an awakening set off like a roaring lion that has led me to honor the seat of growth and connections to helping others become who God has called them to be. I have now embraced the process and developed a greater sense of who I am in God and the weight of who I am to the body of believers! I now embody my New Beginning that echoes truth, wholeness, and sobriety. I have grown to understand that our situations and circumstances are uniquely crafted by Gifted Hands. He is the potter and our delicate and frail lives are the clay. I maneuvered to a designated place where I no longer was imprisoned by my past or hopeless and defeated moments, but I availed myself to my rightful place in Destiny! There was a yearning to trust the process of being tried in the fire and coming forth as pure gold that awakened in my soul. It has all been approved and strategically orchestrated by the King of Kings for my making. I am yet still earnestly living in purpose, but NOW I have discovered that destiny is beckoning for my anticipated acceptance of a New Day! I have picked up my bags of hope, joy, promise, love, and forgiveness because The Journey awaits my arrival! I encourage you to do the same.
109 printed pages
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