Concerita Tortorici

Dark World

Human souls are corrupted once the darkness takes place in the heart.

Ruby lives life as a bartender in New York, trying to ease her pain after the death of her parents under mysterious circumstances. When Ruby makes the call to kick two young patrons out of her bar after a few too many and they turn up dead as well, she suspects that there must be some connection between her parents' demise and the peculiar disappearances and deaths. NYPD, however, turns up empty-handed after every inquiry they make.
Something is lurking on the streets of New York and taking unsuspecting citizens as its prey, and Ruby is determined to find it and put a stop to it. As the death toll continues to rise, Ruby is plagued by recurring nightmares of the gruesome deaths that have been hanging over her. Her friend Nikky is there to help her through her search for answers.

On the warpath for answers, it seems that every detective in the precinct will have to answer to her until she finds what she's looking for.
Dead end after dead end finally leads Ruby to her brother Kai, who seems to know more than he's willing to let on. Kai has sworn a sacred oath to protect the mortal realm from the dangers that lurk in the shadows and has dedicated his life to hunting the things that remain unseen. Having learned his trade from his father and having seen the macabre end he met, Kai refuses to let others like his sister fall victim to the same fate. He is determined to use his years of hard training to keep others from suffering from the very force that orphaned he and his sister in their childhood.

The boundaries between the mortal world and the dark world that lingers below are beginning to blur. Ruby and Kai must fight for the most coveted prize at stake: survival!
203 printed pages
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