No One Left to Clap,

No One Left to Clap

518 printed pages
This is the story of Australia’s first political assassination, nuclear war, terrorist attacks and treachery involving the government, ASIO, unions and the Big Business.The world’s top climate scientists have finally agreed that climate change is real and must be tackled immediately. However, world leaders are too preoccupied with a global financial crisis and continue to ignore the looming threat of a global catastrophe. As crippling droughts, cataclysmic bushfires and horrendous cyclones increase in frequency and severity, the Australian public becomes increasingly alarmed at either major party’s ability to do anything about the problem. Sick of a string of recalcitrant governments, the voters want action. The newly elected Labor party led by the popular Connor Bowker recruits the charismatic Matthew McCarthy, a former CSIRO climate scientist with a bold plan to deal with the issue to its ranks to appease the voters but McCarthy is made PM following Bowker's murder and is next in the firing line.
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