Jay Sherfey


Something bad had happened in New York. Misdiagnosed as psychotic, abandoned by family, and in the hands of Pennsylvania Social Services, Jason Sutter enters the Dubois foster home for difficult cases.

The voices come from every direction and plague his waking hours. The medication offers relief but banishment from the house to the toolshed outback quieted the screams and sobbing calls for help.

Jason is not psychotic. A gifted telepath he must struggle to get out from under the medication then start down the long path to discovering what happened and how to control his abilities. He will make friends along the way and learn more and more about himself and his enemies: dangerous people like himself and normal persons like his foster mother Lydia Dubois.

The story in Book 1 tells how Jason recovers and decides how best to protect his friends and himself.
Future installments will capture the battles, the reuniting of his family, and how Jason's kind came into
228 printed pages
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