James Pratt

The Sleeper Project

A belligerent Russia is on the move, and the invasion of Europe has begun. Without the assistance of a resolutely neutral America, Europe’s forces are being overwhelmed. Their last and only hope is a new weapon system, “The Sleeper Project”, co-developed by British and Australian Scientists and nearing completion at Faslane, a British Submarine Base in western Scotland.
The British government convinces the neutral Republic of Australia to mount a clandestine operation to relocate the project to Australia for completion but time is running out.
A plan is quickly devised to relocate the fragile project apparatus using a very unusually configured oil tanker formally named the ‘Monrovia Glen’, now renamed the ‘Australian Enterprise’ and flying the flag of the Australian Republic.
Retired SAS Major, Rick Strickland, a veteran of two Iraq wars, Afghanistan and a misadventure to Mozambique involving a massive Oil Tanker named the ‘Monrovia Glen’, is recalled to active duty. His assignment is to form a crack SAS squad, travel to Scotland, take command of the ship and transport the Sleeper Project to Australia.
However, his squad selection is not quite what his superiors had envisaged.
443 printed pages
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