Jo Koepke

Stepping Up In Leadership

Struggling to accept the label of ‘leader’ in your life? Feeling out of your depth? Wonder when you will be free from feeling inadequate or like an imposter?
You are seen-— woman serving faithfully but resisting a title. You are seen-— mother of young children wanting to lead your children well but yearning to have outside influence too. You are seen-— leader feeling uncertain as you take hesitant steps forward.
Jo knows what that feels like. She shares lessons she has learned in the rocket blast of leadership over the past few years.
Find lessons and reflections on:

what is leadership
what drives you, including the shadow side
barriers, challenges and impacts of leadership
leading yourself
supports in leadership
developing and holding vision

with ‘Your turn’ pages to reflect on how these lessons apply in your own life.

This book will leave you equipped and encouraged to step up in your own leadership journey, and to learn how to lead yourself and others well.
65 printed pages
Original publication
Jo Koepke



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