Billy, Noel Morrison
Noel Morrison


Eleven-year-old Billy Anderson is autistic, bound by rituals, and greatly agitated when things happen out of the ordinary. One night the power in his home suddenly fails, causing his mother, Meg, to unleash a fury of emotions and send a panicked Billy fleeing into the cold, wet darkness.
Billy who has created his own world to keep himself safe-is now out of his element. Plunged into the unknown beyond his front door, his flight to escape his fears sends his parents into a panic. As he heads toward a church where he hopes to find candles, Billy’s mother summons the police while his father races home, only to have a traffic accident delay his arrival. Meanwhile, none of them have any idea that an unlikely hero is about to save Billy from a frightening encounter, release him from his silent prison, and send his parents on a journey of acceptance, healing, and hope.
Billy is an uplifting and emotionally moving novel about a runaway autistic boy who struggles to overcome the dangers of the night, unwittingly teaching a valuable lesson to everyone who loves him.
126 printed pages
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