Grover Rutter

How to Sell a Business for the Most Money Third Edition

Are you relying on the sale of your business to provide all or part of your retirement? Or maybe your business sale proceeds will fund a new venture? Whether the sale of your business comes tomorrow or ten years from tomorrow, the steps you take (or don't take) today, determine whether your business will eventually sell for the best and highest price.
After reading this guide, you will know how to identify as well as remedy the most common “value-killing” mistakes made by business owners. We will discuss in a simple and straight forward manner, effective changes that you can easily execute which will make your business more competitive in your industry; also more highly valued in the business marketplace.
Your business may be the largest asset you own. The time to start planning for the sale of your business is TODAY. With some basic planning and foresight you can sell your business for the highest possible price!
191 printed pages
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