Scandals Of The Royals/Princess From The Shadows/The Girl Nobody Wanted/Playing The Royal Game, Carol Marinelli, LYNN RAYE HARRIS, Maisey Yates
Carol Marinelli,LYNN RAYE HARRIS,Maisey Yates

Scandals Of The Royals/Princess From The Shadows/The Girl Nobody Wanted/Playing The Royal Game

561 printed pages
Princess From The Shadows — Maisey Yates
Santina's royal palace officials were tight–lipped about claims that Prince Rodriguez Anguiano was jilted by his fiancée. But it seems the prince didn't leave Santina empty–handed after all!
Princess Carlotta Santina has been living out of the spotlight since giving birth to her illegitimate son. Now she's arriving at Rodriguez's palace in preparation for their forthcoming nuptials and the prince is about to discover that his blushing bride comes with an unexpected bonus!
The Girl Nobody Wanted — Lynn Raye Harris
Anna Constantinides was publically humiliated when her fiancée announced his engagement to someone else, she thought things couldn't get any worse. Until her private jet crash–landed, leaving her stranded with billionaire Leo Jackson!
Leo's playboy reputation is legendary, and if the smouldering looks are anything to go by, there can only be one question on everybody's lips: just how long did it take wickedly sexy Leo to undress the buttoned–up heiress?
Playing The Royal Game — Carol Marinelli
It seemed like every girl's dream — fall in love with a prince and be whisked off for your very own, glamorous happy–ever–after. Only Allegra Jackson's headline–grabbing family hardly prepared her for a life of public duty, and sinfully delicious Prince Alessandro Santina has always seemed virtually allergic to the idea of settling down. Is everything really as it seems regarding the tabloid's engagement of the year?
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