Primary Fault, Sharon Kae Reamer
Sharon Kae Reamer

Primary Fault

Caitlin Schwarzbach fears Death. That’s her name for the gaunt wraith who haunts her.
After leaving small-town Texas for Cologne, Germany, she faces an even bigger fear. Her seismologist brother Gus vanishes, wanted by the Cologne police. Caitlin’s search for her brother — and his doppelgänger — earns her a bump on the head and a trip to the hospital.
She believes Gus’s disappearance and ruined reputation form part of a larger conspiracy. The police do not agree. Gus remains their primary suspect.
With the help of the sexy aristocrat she’s fallen for, Caitlin locates a vital witness: her brother’s former lover. Can she prove Gus’s innocence? When Caitlin arrives late to the rendezvous at Cologne’s Gothic cathedral, an earthquake flings her into a bleak Otherworld. She finds the woman she arranged to meet — and a tall, gaunt wraith she has no desire to see.
Primary Fault, Book One of the Schattenreich, a tale of seismology, Druids, and an evil blonde.
396 printed pages
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