Seeds of Wisdom and Heavenly Inspirations, Kimberly Klein
Kimberly Klein

Seeds of Wisdom and Heavenly Inspirations

Seeds of Wisdom and Heavenly Inspirations is a collection of inspirational quotes that will inspire, transform, heal, and encourage anyone looking for answers-about love, life, death, Heaven, and living authentically.

What makes Seeds of Wisdom different from other inspirational quote books is that every single quote in this book is given to us directly from the spirit world, without interference. What does that mean, without interference? It means that there are no religious tones, no interpretations made for you, and no “spin” at all to direct you to believe in a specific religion or system of thought. Every quote is there for you to garner any knowledge, wisdom, insight, or direction that you need at the time you're reading it.

These quotes will inspire you, expand your thoughts, and bring you joy and understanding of the deepest and most real questions of all: Who are we? What does it mean to live and to die? What is our purpose? A true gift for anyone!
68 printed pages
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