Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson

How To Talk So He Will Listen and Listen So He Will Talk

How to understand a guy | Relationship Advice for Women | Understanding Men
You're Talking…But Is He Really Listening?
Do you often wonder if your man is listening to you? Does he even care about what you have to say? And when he talks to you, does he truly share — or simply supply information?
If so, here's the book of simple tips and insights that will show you how to talk to men — and anyone — more effectively.
How To Talk So He Will Listen And Listen So He Will Talk: 12 Simple Steps to Better Love Relationships for Women is the book you need if you want better, clearer communication with the man you love…or the man you want to attract into your life soon…or the men you work with, or anyone.
You'll learn:
·      The secrets of how men really communicate — and why.·      What men need to feel comfortable talking — and what makes them clam up, change the subject abruptly, or leave the room.·      How to express yourself that get your message across and are much more effective in clear communication, when your listener is a man·      Ways to truly hear him when he talks…and encourage him to tell you what's on his mind…·      How to talk better and how to listen more effectively, to everyone.Men and women communicate differently. Understanding men's behavior begins with how you talk to men and how you listen to what they're saying and the true meaning behind their words and actions.
Too many women try to talk to the men in their lives as if they are their girlfriends or women friends. This book tells you why this can't possibly work…and what to do instead.
To live and love happily with a man, you need to understand him (just as he needs to understand you). This short book is a fast read, yet it will give you the simple, effective tools and techniques to always be sure that when you talk to your date, partner or any man (including the male child you are raising to be a good and effective person), the message you send will be the one he receives.
This book gives you the tools you need to always know how to talk to anyone.
This is more than dating advice for women, more than just another understanding men book — it is a guide to how to be happier, because you understand and are understood by others.
How much better, richer and more fulfilling could all your relationships be when you use these simple tips on how to talk and how to listen better?
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