Ice Mike

Deeply Rooted

Back in 1989, a young thug named Bad Boy steals five million dollars from Kiko Dunbar, one of the most feared kingpins in California. He buries the money in his mother's backyard under the lemon tree. With the ruthless kingpin hot on his heels, Bad Boy is forced to kill the bloodthirsty Kiko Dunbar and ends up paying the ultimate price as a result--a life sentence. Nearly two and a half decades later, Bad Boy makes the fatal mistake of revealing his secret to his cellie, a young street savage named Wicked, who gets out of prison hell-bent on finding out if there is any truth to the story about the money under the lemon tree. Bad Boy's son, Wahdatah, a hard core Blood, is forced to set aside his differences with his worst enemy, Baby Shug, a Crip whom he hates with a passion. Together, the two thug it out in the streets after a startling discovery changes the game. From California to the Big Apple, Wahdatah and Baby Shug's gangsta is tested as they go up against the street savage named Wicked, a group of cutthroat Mafioso, and a shady crew of New York thugs. Just when it seems like the dust has settled and the two thugs are about to embark upon a life of extravagant riches, someone with a Deeply Rooted desire for vengeance enters into the equation and the bodies start piling up.
224 printed pages
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