Majeed Khader,Carolyn Misir,Gabriel Ong

Prepared for Evolving Threats

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This book is a collection of chapters from local, regional, and international experts in the fields of law enforcement, safety, and security. In a world where threats and crises are increasingly transnational, there is value in the cross-cultural exchange of information and the integration of knowledge bases to understand the present-day landscape dynamics. More than ever, there is a greater urgency for behavioural sciences to inform and shape operational protocols and policies in the security sector.Contents: Policing and Law Enforcement:Internet Facilitated Rape: A Multivariate Model of Offense Behaviour (Louise Almond, Michelle McManus and Hannah Chatterton)A Study on Crime Scene Investigative Thinking by Virtual Reality (Cheng-Kuei Chou, Chih-Hung Shih, Yi-Hua Chen and Chun-Chieh Chen)Substance Abuse:Substance Use Among Youth Probationers: Comparisons Between the United States and Singapore (Dongdong Li, Nyx Ng, Nandini Anant, Chi Meng Chu, Adam Oei, Grace Chng and Kala Ruby)Substance Abuse Among Youths in the United States of America (Aloysius Teo Tong Yew)Corrections and Rehabilitation:Advancing Restorative Justice in Offender Management (Razwana Begum Bt Abdul Rahim)Understanding the Impact of Prison Environment for Male and Female Employed Inmates in Kosovo Prisons (Ferid Azemi, Nebi Halili and Merita Avdyli)Countering Extremism and Building Resilience:'Hitting Home…' Lessons from Narrative Studies and Global CVE Initiatives for Creating Effective Counter-Messaging (Omer Ali Saifudeen)Bouncing Back from a Terror Attack: Community Recovery Following the 2018 Surabaya Attacks (Jessie Janny Thenarianto)Understanding Fear Warfare in Bioterrorism (Juliyanti Jalil)No Longer Silent: Investigating the Motivations Behind Non-Security Staff's Reporting of Suspicious Behaviors (Minzheng Hou, Ruth Gan, Loo Seng Neo and Jeffery Chin)The B3–5Cs Mental Toughness Training Model: Transferrable Best Practices from Elite, High-Performance Sport to Law Enforcement and Emergency-Response Applications (Edgar K Tham, Kamil Fahmi Selamat, Kong Yi Qian Michelle and Toh Jia Wen Alida)The Looming, the Creeping, and the Black Swan: Modern Crises and Recommendations for Building Resilience (Sheryl Chua Hwee Chin, Majeed Khader and Eunice Tan)Gearing up for Crises: Developing a Crisis Readiness Questionnaire (Denyse Ang, Sheryl Chua and Majeed Khader)Cyber Security and Cyber Hygiene:Stop Telling People to Take Those Cyber Hygiene Multivitamins (Arun Vishwanath)Identifying Factors that Propagate the Spread of Fake Newss (Loo Seng Neo, Xingyu Ken Chen and Heng Hong Tan)
Readership: Government officials in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc., especially those engaged in counter-terrorism policymaking; Academics engaged in counter-terrorism research and teaching; Academic researchers in information systems, computer science, public policy, legal studies, and other areas; Law enforcement and intelligence experts; Industry consultants who are involved in detection, analysis, and prevention of terrorist activities on the Internet; Graduate students engaged in research on counter-terrorism and in security-related courses; Law-based post-graduate students and professionals working on digital crime; Those interested in national and international legal action against cyberterrorism.Forensic Psychology;Rehabilitation and Correctional Psychology;Critical Incident Psychology;Violent Extremism and Terrorism;Cybercrime and Cyber Hygiene;Law Enforcement00
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