Morgan Edwards

An Outlier's Tribe

In his quest to reflect upon and grapple with his experiences straddling the divergent environments of Appalachia and a New England private liberal arts college, Morgan Edwards provides a window into not only his life but also many of the polarizing political and social challenges of our time. Exploring themes of identity and belonging, upbringing and ideology, and armed with wit, empathy, and a critical eye, An Outlier's Tribe is a highly anticipated read in the vein of Hillbilly Elegy.

Whether you have felt like an outsider in any way (politically, socially, culturally, etc.), are concerned about the increasing division in this country, or are simply interested in learning more about Appalachia and the nurture side of nature/nurture, An Outlier's Tribe is a refreshingly honest and thoughtful memoir that will provide the impetus for you to think a little more deeply about the people and places that shape us.
115 printed pages
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