Daniel Marques

Evolution of Souls: The Importance of Common Values in Intercultural Relationships between Asian Women and Western Men

Traveling in many different Asian countries and talking to several mixed couples have allowed me to understand much about the reasons behind the new rapidly increasing tendency of interracial marriages. On the other hand, as I also had relationships with Asian women, it was possible to observe how such personal insight could be crossed and combined with the experiences of those I’ve encountered.

Interestingly, there’s clearly a trend of Asian women looking for foreign men, not only inside Asia but outside as well. However, when talking about Asians, there’s something we must clarify in advance, related to the fact that Asia is a combination of different countries and cultures, in some cases extremely different from each other. We tend to refer to a majority when mentioning Asian culture, which is typically represented by big countries like China, Japan and Korea. These countries clearly show a preference towards men from The United States, England, France and Spain.

This, easily observed trend, doesn’t concern foreigners in general because there’re misunderstandings about the concept. When Asians mention foreigners, they’re usually referring to North Americans and Europeans. When the topic is specified, regarding South Americans and Africans, we can notice unbalanced answers and confused reactions. Asian women cannot easily imagine a marriage with an African or a South American. These marriages do exist but we can’t call it a trend, as they’re rather a natural result of cultural interactions.

As the world opens more and we can travel to the opposite side of the globe in just a few hours on a shoestring, it’s natural that we may become more acquaint of people from different countries.  This exchange between nations leads to mixed couples, for even though we may look different, deep down we’re all the same. When socializing, it’s only normal that sometimes it may end up in love, even when the initial preference and self-image doesn’t allow seeing such outcome. Life simply happens in this way; and, by understanding how it leads people from different cultures to marriage, we can find answers to any related question about this section of our reality.

We believe our world is very distinctive, when in fact can be easily comprehended with an acknowledgment of perspectives and self-awareness, as well as a choice regarding personal observations. Therefore, we may see several happily mixed couples, but they represent an evolution in the world that have existed before, was somehow forgotten in the last centuries and is currently being rediscovered. This is and has always been just a natural part of life.

It was with this principle in mind that the author has shared his insights with Voice of America, in a Radio Interview that reflected the content presented in this book.
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