Felicity Fyst

Blackmailing the Sissy Girl

When artificial intelligence domination becomes a frightening reality . . . The thrill of secretly crossdressing in his girlfriend’s clothes soon wears off for Peter Small so he turns to a virtual latex clad dominatrix to get his kicks. Peter performs increasingly humiliating slave tasks before the digital AI avatar and soon realises he is getting deeper into blackmail with no way out. But he is offered one chance of escpae. His ultimate forfeit before release from the blackmail contract is to confess all his fantasies to the girl next door — dressed as a sissy slut. Will he do it? How will his hot young neighbour react once she discovers he is a feminised submissive addicted to humiliation and blackmail from ruthless dommes and sadistic mistresses?

This is book 1 in the Princess Becky Blackmail Series. An AI Femdom Findom Forced Feminisation Blackmailed Sissy Short Story approximately 7000 words.
26 printed pages
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