Witch Hunt, Tabitha Morrow
Tabitha Morrow

Witch Hunt

A brave young woman uncovers a dangerous secret in this spellbinding tale of magic, mystery, and the thin line between truth and fantasy.
For sixteen-year-old Ruth, life in New Salem is simple. Obey her parents, go to school, stay inside the walls, and never question the will of the Council. The Council governs New Salem and keeps its people safe, burning mysterious effigies to remind the villagers of the physical and spiritual dangers that seek to infiltrate New Salem’s walls.
When Ruth takes to exploring the woods at night, she makes a terrifying and exhilarating discovery: she and her friends Sarah and Elizabeth are witches. But it’s dangerous to be different in New Salem, and it isn’t long before rumors of witchcraft spread from the Council to the townspeople. And when Elizabeth is imprisoned, it is up to Ruth and Sarah to fulfill their destiny. A coven of witches harbors great strength—but will it be enough to save the people of New Salem?
With a cast of unforgettable characters and plenty of twists, turns, and stunning revelations, Witch Hunt is a mesmerizing thrill ride from first page to last.
211 printed pages
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