Lisbeth Ejlertsen

The Spiritual Wisdom of India, New Volume 1

This book passes on the treasures of sacred India — experienced through the heart of a Western woman.
How to solve the mystery of life?
•    Who are we as human beings?
•    Does life have a purpose?
•    What does it take to live a happy life?
Lisbeth Ejlertsen is a seeker from the core of her heart looking for answers to these questions. Realizing the limitations of her Western Mind, in 1994, she went to seek inspiration in India — the country that has given pride of place to spirituality for centuries.
In spite of being a Dane — a nation supposed to be among the “happiest people” in the world — Lisbeth Ejlertsen felt the need to search for the answers about happiness and life itself in the secrets of sacred India. She wanted to meet spiritual gurus to see if they knew more about life and our capacities as human beings and also to look for Palm Leaf Astrologers — a rare phenomenon which you will only find in India.
Follow Lisbeth Ejlertsen on her journey and learn what happened during the years since then.
Features of the book:
•    The Spiritual treasures of India
•    A special palm leaf astrologer
•    Indian gurus: Swamiji, Sai Baba, Amma, Poonjaji
•    After the journey: Heartfulness
Her extraordinary adventure in India made Lisbeth become a writer: “My life–changing experiences in India threw me outside the limits of my Western concept of the world. I realized it was no coincidence that I found myself in India at exactly that point in time — and that precisely these experiences had been given to me, because I was meant to share them with others in our western part of the world.”
Lisbeth Ejlertsen shares the story of her meeting with a very special Palm Leaf Astrologer: “Imagine being out in the country somewhere in India in an office filled with the noise from a badly working fan, while an Indian man reads aloud your most personal details — without having received any other information from you than a print of your thumb. And, incidentally, he explained that this information had been given and written down more than two thousand years back. This was way before the internet — he had no way of knowing anything about me before I came. He could tell me my full name and also my parents’ names and many more details. But how could all this have been known to someone so many years before?”
Upon returning to Denmark Lisbeth Ejlertsen wrote three articles about her fascinating journey and the spiritual treasures of India and thus regarded her task of passing on her experiences as completed.
Lisbeth Ejlertsen explains: “The thought of writing a book had never crossed my mind. Nevertheless, this book chose me … That is how I felt when I realized that nobody wanted to print the articles. Instead, many people suggested that I expand them into a book. In this same, slightly haphazard way, the book has developed through 24 years into this book with several prefaces and postscripts. It is as if the book itself is in charge of the process …”
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Reviews by professional reputable US review bureaus:
Pacific Book Review honored the book with their Star award — “Granted to books of excellent merit”.
Clarion Reviews assigned the book 4 stars out of 5. 
Kirkus Reviews refer to the book as: “… a robust resource of Indian Spiritualism”.
The US Review of Books wrote: With her extended wealth of information on the spiritual wisdom of India, Ejlertsen might just be called a master herself.”
328 printed pages
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