Who Was In America Before Columbus, Janusz Meyerhoff
Janusz Meyerhoff

Who Was In America Before Columbus

This book is a compilation of different historical stories about humans in America. Some of them relate to voyages to America based on historical facts and others are based on legends.
The other stories are about humans who already were in America before Columbus; however we don’t know where they come from or who they were. Most likely we will never know!
All accounts concerning the ice age are unproved theories only. Some disagree with already accepted hypothesis. It will take a long time, and many archeological excavations, to have a clear image where the truth really lies.
Without a doubt, many people were already living in America before Columbus. They arrived in multiple-migrations from different parts of the world – Asia, Europe, Polynesia and Africa.
How did they get to America? Who were they?
Many more riddles have to be solved!
45 printed pages
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