Ryan Baird

Private Ryan

This is a book 20 years in the making. The poems were written during chaotic times of my youth. Adrift and aimless I tried to find answers to questions I couldn’t find and didn’t have the courage to ask.

Trying to find any kind of clarity while transitioning from budding adolescence to manhood was difficult and my scattered emotions were a measure of this.

The content of this book was written during this time. The exceptions being The Poets Touch at the start of the book and the micro poetry found towards the back of the book.

Reading these poems after so long I realise just how far I have travelled along life's path and how this has affected the evolution of my writing.

I have held onto these poems for so long but as a part of the creative journey it’s time to let go of the past, move into the present and plan for the future.

As terrifying it is to show the inner workings of my often scattered mind and somewhat tortured soul it’s time to let the world see what I have kept hidden for so long and it’s hoped somewhere along the line someone will take some measure of inspiration from my written word
26 printed pages
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Ryan Baird



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