George Vîrtosu

A Little Frog’s Heart. Volume 4. The Coming of Age

The Coming of Age, the fourth volume of the series A Little Frog’s Heart is a hymn to Universal Grandparents, to their wisdom and eternal love for their grandchildren, a work of art which will find its admirers and readers among those who accept it as part of their lives. This picture is a perfect one but as we have already got used to author George Vîrtosu, the reader might well be baffled by the information he has never known his grandparents! Though a tragic one, this reality offered him the most cherished Gift: from all the elders of the village he chose the wisest, the most industrious and enchanting ones. He just took the best from each of them using his own imagination and so he created the perfect grandparents.

When will you know that you have reached your coming of age? A bet on this topic between two fleas is rapidly transformed into a tragedy for their family, a true „baptism of coming of age” for the main character of the story. You have the opportunity to learn how they are going to sort out this conflict and what are the truths of this marathon of surprising adventures reading the forth volume of the series A Little Frog’s Heart.
427 printed pages
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