Bebe Balocca

Bent Out of Shape

Jamie's going to have to stretch like she's never stretched before in order to get out of this hot mess.
Jamie Davis dreams of devoting herself to yoga full-time, but has to work two jobs to pay the bills. She jumps at the chance to teach lessons at Twisted Fork Ranch, lavish home of reclusive tech billionaire Marcus Paul.
When she arrives, Mr Paul's assistant, Peter Fletcher, informs her that the first class will be a one-on-one affair. Peter is to report back to his boss with his impressions, so Jamie's determined to put on her best class ever. Sparks fly in the studio and both Peter and Jamie are feeling the burn, but their hot session ends in flames when guards come knocking.
Peter's not everything he's made himself out to be, however, and soon he and Jamie are on the lam in Twisted Fork. With Dobermans on their trail, they try out some exotic new positions that Jamie never learned in yoga school.
The clock's ticking, though, and even the most fabulously grueling workout has to come to an end. Jamie just hopes that their cool-down doesn't involve time behind bars…

51 printed pages

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