Lis Porter

Breathing Slowly

Pandemic-stressed families breathe slowly. We are lockdown survivors.

How does one family react to lockdown? From New York to London, Oxford, the Cotswolds, Belfast, Bellagio, Byron Bay and Wuhan, four siblings and their families share common experiences of fear, anxiety and isolation. Yet, resilience and a strength of spirit prevail as new forms of meaning are found.

The story tells of intriguing, touching responses to the impact of isolation on individuals' personal lives. The characters move from 'I can't breathe' to 'I can breathe' to 'let's breathe together'.

This character-driven story appeals to thoughtful readers who are interested in complex emotions as they are expressed in family relationships.

A new dawn arises. Licking the wounds of lockdown, we emerge into the light, breathing slowly. Hope flourishes.
290 printed pages
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