Larry D. Steinman

The Secret pf Benes' Castle

This is the story of a castle that was built in 1590 in Rumania, and follows the lives of everyone who either owned or lived in the castle up to the year 2000. The castle is the main character. The story takes place in a little village called Medias, a place that through the years never quite caught up with the modern world. The story tells about what each family experienced while living in the castle. Things they saw that nobody believed. Experiences they couldn't explain. The pain and torture some experienced. How it affected their lives. The question is, was the castle responsible, or was it just the people? I won't answer that question, I'll leave it up to the reader to make that judgement. The story will continuously move along. It will have the reader anxious to see what the next page is going to reveal. Pleas enjoy.
408 printed pages
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