Patrick Day

How I Escaped from Depression

How I Escaped from Depression is the autobiography of Patrick Day, covering four years in his life when he was afflicted with major clinical depression. His story describes in gripping detail the horrors of depression and how he escaped from it. In this book, he reveals ten critical lessons that have kept him free from depression ever since.
This is a gripping story that sheds light on the difference between situational and clinical depression and takes to task some of the stereotypes and myths about depression that have been tossed around without regard to the reality of the condition.
The Preface of the book personalizes the impact of depression on Mr. Day.
«In the spring of 2006, depression attacked me and my whole world changed. My chest and stomach tightened. My thoughts and emotions became unglued. Sleep escaped me. Just the thought of food disgusted me. I became a recluse, not wanting to leave the house or have anyone come over. This was a different Patrick than the one I had known. It was as if I had been born again into a tormenting world of darkness and fear.
«How I Escaped from Depression tells the story of four years of my life that were worse than anything you can imagine, unless you have suffered major depression yourself. My journey was not a straight path. There were ups and downs and ins and outs. Along the way, I learned ten critical lessons that have kept me free from depression since that time. I pray they will be helpful to those gripped with depression in any way — from sufferer to helper.
«This book is not about depression. It is a story of depression — up close and personal. Only a person who has experienced the horror of depression can describe the reality of it and put forward a way out.
«My purpose in telling this story is to help others afflicted by major depression make a full recovery in less time than it took me.
«My life was relatively normal from the day I was born up until the winter of 2006. I had highs and lows, of course, as we all do, but nothing like what happened to me starting in the spring. On May 16, 2006, my world flew apart.»

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