Earnestine Blakley

In It to Win It

The punches of life can be unrelenting and unconscionable. But what do you do when life throws you punches that are designed to annihilate you? What do you do when the punches come in bunches, and you are depleted of strength? You stay the course! You are in this race to win it, and you can win in every round or season of life. As a Christian, you are equipped by God with weaponry for spiritual warfare. Arrayed in your spiritual armor, you must stand and see the salvation of the Lord. I can recall countless times when I felt overwhelmed, and somewhat defeated, by the relentless turmoil in my life. I felt no relief from the waves and punches induced by the circumstances at hand. I prayed, and the problem remained staring me in the face. The rehearsal of the catastrophe in my mind was like a broken record being played over and over again. There was a boxing match occurring in my mind. I couldn't seem to escape the troubles before me. I'm sure you have experienced times when life's punches-such as financial problems, grief, relationship problems, health issues, and stress from life-tend to spin you into a state of unrest.

When we consider the title of this book-IN IT TO WIN IT: Winning in Every Round, Victorious Christian Living-we need to imagine ourselves as victorious in all areas of our lives. God has provided ways for us to win in life, and for us to overcome during times of painful trials and tribulations. This book provides strategies from God's Word that will enable you to win in every round or season of your life. Winning is God's design for His children!
175 printed pages
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