Michael Douglas Fowlkes

Perfect Bait

If you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths can you remember falling in love for the first time? What it felt like when innocence surrounded your world and you believed anything was possible and that dreams did come true?
For Corey Phillips his childhood dreams not only came true but they became his entire life. Falling in love with his childhood sweetheart and then getting to marry her years later — his life couldn’t have been any better.
But as we all so bitterly learn — love is rarely what it seems and there is nothing more painful than having your heart ripped out by the one you love.
Somehow most of us find a way to survive — to pick-up the pieces and move on — but never again free from the scars now surrounding our hearts — covering us in armor -forever limiting our ability to completely give ourselves ever again. We learn to get by — to get want we need — to find a love we feel safe with — a love we can live with.
But for Corey Phillips having his heart broken nearly killed him. If it hadn’t been for a golden retriever puppy he may never had found his way out of the rain. The only thing he knew to do was to keep moving — to keep driving away from the pain — away from the memoires — away from his wife and best friend. Betrayed by the two people he’d grown up with and loved more than life itself.
Surviving is not living but that’s all Corey could do until he met Jennifer. Meeting her took his breath away but he was so broken he knew not how or if he ever could love again. The story of Jennifer finding a way into Corey’s broken heart is just the beginning.
Young girls are disappearing. Local authorities have called in the Criminal Investigation Division of the FBI to try and put the pieces together, but nothing fits — that is, until Corey and Jennifer become the perfect bait and find themselves thrust into the middle of an evil axis whose twisted depths of perversion know no limits.
Perfect Bait is a graphic, action-paced erotic suspense-thriller that takes us on a ruthless voyage of discovery into a disturbing underground world of international intrigue.
491 printed pages
Original publication


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